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Variability in Pelvic packing practices

Feature article at Patient Safety In Surgery.

The authors utilized a cross-sectional survey of trauma medical directors at level I trauma centers to determine the use of pelvic packing for unstable pelvic fractures. of 40 respondents, there was controversy regarding the efficacy of pelvic packing, and responses differed by geographic region. 

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Effect of detecting drugs on admission urine drug screen on pain management

A retrospective review of medical records was undertaken to determine if substance abuse preceding injury results in greater consumption of opioids. The results of this study demonstrate significantly greater opioid consumption in patients testing positive for drugs, compared to patients with a negative urine drug screen. Overall, drug users have a 1.4-fold increased consumption of opioids for acute pain vs. non-users.


Upcoming Presentations

American Association for the Surgery of Trauma 2019 | September

  1. A Three-Year Retrospective Multi-Center Study On Time To Surgery And Mortality For Isolated Geriatric Hip Fractures. Tanner AH, Jarvis S, Orlando A, Nwafo N, Madayag R, Blondeau B, Corrigan C, Carrick MM, Bourg P, Bar-Or D. Podium presentation (quickshot).

  2. Is Anticoagulation Reversal Necessary Prior To Surgical Treatment Of Geriatric Hip Fractures?  Rick Meinig MD, Stephanie L. Jarvis MPH, Alessandro Orlando MPH, Nnamdi Nwafo MD, Patrick McNair MD, Bradley Woods MD, Rahul Banerjee MD, Michael Kelly PAC, David Bar-Or MD. Poster Presentation.

  3. A Comparison Of Drainage And Patient Outcome Metrics Between Small-Bore And Large-Bore Chest Tubes In The Setting Of Delayed Hemothoraces: A 7-Year, Five-Center Study. Alessandro Orlando MPH, John Cordero MD, Rebecca Vogel MD, Matthew Carrick* MD, Allen Tanner MD, Mark Lieser MD, Dave Acuna MD, David Bar-Or MD. Poster Presentation.

  4. Does Timing Of Palliative Care Interventions Affect Hospital Length Of Stay? A Cross-Sectional Study At Two Level I Trauma Centers. Rebecca Vogel MD, Constance McGraw MPH, Pam Bourg Ph.D., Neal Lynch PA, Allen TannerII, MD, Chester Dreiman MD, Kaysie Banton MD, David Acuna MD, Mark Lieser MD, David Bar-Or MD. Poster Presentation.

  5. Factors Associated With Hospital Discharge Delays In Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury. Melissa Sorensen RN, Erica Sercy MSPH, Alessandro Orlando MPH, Thomas West MD, Allen TannerII, MD, Michael Waxman MD, David Acuna MD, Gina Berg MBA,Ph.D., David Bar-Or MD. Poster Presentation.

  6. The Predictive Ability Of The Glasgow Coma Scale For Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Declines With Age. Kristin Salottolo MPH, Ripul Panchal DO, William S. Rosenberg MD, Laxmi Dhakal MD, Benjamin A. Rubin MD, Robert Madayag MD, Allen TannerIII, MD. Poster Presentation.

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